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Did you just get your hair done by what you thought was a great colorist only to be disappointed? Or maybe you tried to save a few bucks and do it yourself only to find out that the color didn't do what the box said it would do?  Whatever you do try to avoid the temptation of some over the counter fix that could only cause a much bigger problem such as hair loss or permanent cuticle damage.  There are an infinite number of possibilities that can arise in hair color correction which is why you should find a expert to help you with your situation.  Also asking for assistance from a clerk in a retail beauty supply store is not what I mean when I say find a expert.  This is a talent that takes years of experience dealing with such problems and having a in depth knowledge of color and how it reacts with the hair.  Trust me when I say the best thing you can do for yourself is to call Tim he has the knowledge and the experience that it will take to reverse this heartbreaking situation.                                                     

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Why Healthy Hair is Important for great hair color!


The key to any great color service depends on the integrity of the hair. The better the hair's integrity the better the color service, the more compromised the hair's integrity the harder it is for the hair's structure to support the color. This is when the hair color tends to look muddy or lacks the richness that you are trying to achieve. However it is not a lost cause, there is a way to achieve a good color while improving the hair's integrity. This is where using the correct products come into play, and trust me when I say it really can make a difference. Think of it like food for the hair, the better the food the better the hair and consequently the better the color result!

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Simply make an appointment for a free consultation and Tim will discuss options with you to make your color dazzle while maintaining the integrity of your hair. Tim has searched for the best products available to maintain the integrity of you hair in the salon as well as programs designed for you to take home and maintain that salon look everyday. You can't get the results Tim does unless you use the products Tim does! So pick up the phone and make your appointment today and look fabulous tomorrow!

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At times, in the hurry of getting hair colored we neglect on the choice of shade of color. A mistaken or accidental color may look filthy, thus choosing appropriate colors according to the texture of hair and skin complexion is a must. Moreover, if you have suffered from any such accidental hair color, color correction haircan efface and neutralize mismatched colorants to make it look usual and complementing. Corrective hair color acts as a concealer palette when your hair color starts fading after a few months. 

Procedure for Corrective Hair Color is an intricate one, and hence pay heed to various aspects including the nature of hair, type of color, condition of hair and lots more. Hence, professional involvement can help in attaining desirable results.