Special Techniques Ombre / Balayage in Cherry Creek

Ombre or Sombre Looks

The word ombre is from the french language which means shading or shaded.  Ombre hair color is commonly darker at the hair roots in the middle shaft and then slowly gets lighter from the middle shaft of the hair up to its ends. Ombre Hair Color is generally attained by means of a balayage system and is perfect for individuals searching for a low-maintenance hairstyle. 

Ombre Hair Color style is intended to be a slow color fade that must either be very subtle and feathery, or if the person wants a very noticeably hair color.  With an Ombre Hair Color, it is apparent (when appropriately done) that its effect was designed, with colors that fade and compliment with each other.

Ombre / Balayage in Cherry Creek


The word Balayage is also from the french language which means to sweep.  Balayage is a hair coloring technique which is designed to create very natural-looking highlights and colors. 

When doing Balayage, no foils are used. Instead of the use of foils, the hair color and/or highlight colors are skillfully placed onto the chosen hair strands using hands and sometimes a hair color brush and a wooden paddle to help the Colorist paint the colors onto the hair. 

The chosen hair strands are each carefully placed as they are allowed to process. Sometimes, the hair is divided and protected using cotton strips.

The primary resulting difference with Balayage is the very natural looking results and the little to no regrowth line that appears as the Balayage coloring grows out.

These techniques allow the artist to design a very unique and individual look for the client because the color is actually hand painted where it is desired.